Tesla Model Y Dual Motor =NEW= Long Range / Panorama / 360 ° Cameras / Autopilot / Adaptive LED / Heating Seats / Premium Sound / Sentry Mode / Wireless Charging Dock / 21" / German Car / Guarantee

Audio and Media

Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
Music and media over Bluetooth®
USB-A port in the glovebox with a 128GB portable storage device included


Power adjustable front seats
Heated front and rear seats
Heated steering wheel
Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
Independent flat-fold rear seats
Interior floor mats


LED fog lamps
Power folding, auto-dimming, heated side mirrors
Custom driver profiles
HEPA air filtration system
Center console with storage, 4 USB-C ports and wireless charging for 2 smartphones

Premium Connectivity 1 year complimentary

Live traffic visualization
Satellite-View Maps
Video Streaming, allowing access to content from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Twitch, and more
Music Streaming
Internet Browser

Enhanced Autopilot 

Lane change assistant
Navigate with autopilot
Parking the car
Smart "summoning"

Glass Roof

The expansive Glass Roof provides passengers with a brighter, more spacious experience and a seamless view of the sky. Infrared and ultraviolet light is effectively blocked before entering the cabin, reducing heat and glare even when the sun is directly overhead.

Center Display

Access everything on the expansive 15-inch touchscreen including high-definition side and rearview camera views, navigation, movies, music, games and more. Your surroundings are visualized in real time while you drive to display speed limit signs, upcoming traffic control signals, pedestrians, cyclists and hazards in a 360-degree surround view.

Wireless Charger

Easily charge two phones at once on a non-slip, contoured surface. The integrated center console offers deep storage space with two front and two rear USB charging ports, tiered storage under the armrest, and a folding privacy shield to cover your phones.

All Vegan Interior

Softer than leather, yet far more durable and more stain-resistant, our custom-engineered seating material is fully vegan and significantly more sustainable than traditional seating materials, maximizing comfort and esthetics while maintaining our rigorous standards for durability and stain resistance.

Advanced Climate Control

Airflow and temperature are controlled entirely through the display, allowing precise direction without ever seeing or touching a physical vent. On hot days, Cabin Overheat Protection ensures interiors always stay cool, and our HEPA filtration system delivers the best possible cabin air quality. In cold weather, pre-conditioning automatically warms the cabin, prepares the car’s battery to maximize range and efficiency.

Over-the-Air Updates

Model Y gets better over time with frequent wireless software updates, bringing you new features, more entertainment, higher performance and range, increased comfort and even better safety.

Sentry Mode

A unique layer of protection for Tesla vehicles continuously monitors the environment around the car when it’s left unattended. When enabled, Sentry Mode enters a “Standby” state, like many home alarm systems, which uses the car’s external cameras to help detect and protect against potential threats.

Expansive Storage

Model Y features 68 ft³ of cargo space accessible through both the front trunk and the automatically opening and closing rear trunk. Taking advantage of the space traditionally occupied by bulky engines, gas tanks and transmissions, the design of Model Y enables disproportionately large amounts of storage for a car its size, while bolstering occupant safety through a more spacious, reinforced body and chassis.

Tesla Mobile App

Remotely control and monitor your Tesla with Phone Key keyless driving, range & charging status, climate control, live GPS location and more. You can even schedule service and monitor your entire Tesla ecosystem, including power flow from Powerwall or from Solar Roof and Solar Panels.

Maximum Range: 507 km.
Top Speed: 217 km/h.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 5.0 sec.

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